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March 1, 2016

Best & Worst Dressed at the 2016 Oscars | {Kali}

March 1, 2016
Well, award season is officially over (sad!). As far as the show went, I thought Chris Rock was really funny and of course, enjoyed seeing Leo finally get that Oscar, but they need to figure out a way to make it shorter (11pm is way past my bedtime)! However, the red carpet did not disappoint. See my picks for best and worst dressed below!

Best Dressed:

Charlize Theron very much had the wow factor when she hit the carpet on Sunday night. Until I saw her, I was actually pretty bored with the dresses. She was the first person I saw that I was excited about. I always love a classic red dress, and this one was sexy but not too over-the-top (like, for example, Olivia Wilde's—too much!)

I was worried for a little bit when the E! Red Carpet show ended and we hadn't yet seen Jennifer Lawrence! She may have been late to the carpet, but her look was definitely not one to miss! I think people had mixed feelings about this dress, but I'm obsessed. Plus, her hair and makeup are absolute perfection!

Right when I spotted Cate Blanchett, I knew she'd be one of my top picks of the night. If just one thing about this dress was slightly off, it could be a huge miss, but everything about it works SO well. It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm really loving this color. She always rocks it on the red carpet—her 2011 Givenchy look is still one of my all-time faves.

Rooney Mara, unfortunately, made our worst dressed list at the 2016 Golden Globes. Luckily, she redeemed herself (at least for me!) at the Oscars. This dress is just so pretty—I love the lace detailing and the long sleeves.

Worst Dressed:

Oh Heidi Klum, you've been missing the mark lately. First it was the Big Bird dress at the Emmy's, and now this purple disaster. It upsets me even more because I'm obsessed with Project Runway, and as the host of the show, I think she should always always be on the best dressed list. I will say, however, her hair and makeup is gorgeous!

In my opinion, Alicia Vikander has been nailing it all awards season. That's why this dress was so disappointing to me! It's certainly the least offensive of my worst picks, and sure, it's an okay, pretty dress. But, I had to put her on my worst dressed list because I had such high hopes for her at the Oscars, and ultimately, it was a disappointment (and I can't with that shade of yellow). I know a lot of people would disagree as I've seen her make many best dressed lists, but this was just too much of a prom moment for me.

Kerry Washington is pretty well-known for always killing it on the red carpet and I usually love what she wears, but this just did not work for me. The top is super weird and way too high. I also am not a fan of the high slit in this dress. Overall, a major miss for me.

Kate Winslet has continually been disappointing me this awards season. Her looks lately have been SO painfully boring, and this one is no exception (unfortunately). As I started watching the pre-show on Sunday, I was looking for her specifically because I had hoped she'd really bring it for the Oscars, but again, a disappointment—I really dislike everything about this dress. The positive: I did love seeing her and Leo pose together for pictures!

Who were your faves on the red carpet?

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