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November 2, 2015

My Fave New Beauty Products | {Kali}

November 2, 2015

Hi guys! One thing to know about me: I LOVE trying out new makeup and skincare products. There are certain products that I feel are definitely worth the splurge (ie. foundation, blush), while there are other products that I love from the drugstore (ie. mascara, lipstick). I try to keep a good balance so I'm not going too crazy spending money on my makeup addiction. Luckily now that I work from home and rarely put on makeup during the week, my makeup tends to last way longer. Today, I wanted to share with you some of my newest favorite beauty finds!

1. Maskcara IIID HAC Palette: First, I have to talk about my new highlighting & contouring palette from Maskcara Cosmetics. I have been reading Cara's blog for years, and when she came out with her own line of makeup products, I, of course, wanted to try them (I mean just look at her before-and-afters!!). I didn't pull the trigger until recently, but I am glad I did! My colors are linen (highlight), stone (contour), pearl (illuminator), dahlia (blush). I will do a full review on this palette soon with before and after pictures, so stay tuned!

2. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: So, I have never tried a beauty blender, because I just think they are way too overpriced ($20 for a sponge?! can't wrap my head around that), but I have heard really great things. This beauty blender knock-off is only $5.99 at Ulta, so I had to try it. I used to use my fingers to apply foundation, but now I only use this! It is also works amazing to blend in highlight and contour. This is a must-have for me. I have a few other Real Techniques brushes as well that I love—it's a great brand! One tip: make sure to dampen the sponge before using—it makes a difference, trust me! Also some advice before buying a sponge like this, do NOT buy the knock-off Target brand beauty blender. I have tried that one, and unfortunately, it's pretty terrible.

3. 30 Second HAC Brush: This is another product from Maskcara Cosmetics. I LOVE this brush. It's so perfect for highlighting and contouring. I was originally using some cheap brushes from Target with the HAC palette, but I decided to buy this and it's really made all the difference when HACing. I think this brush would work great for any type of cream foundation, highlight, contour, etc.

4. BareMinerals bareSkin Foundation: I have been using BareMinerals products for many years, and I really love their original powder foundation and still use that often. I wanted to try a new foundation recently, and I heard many positive reviews about this one. I am really liking this foundation—it truly feels like "bare skin" as it feels super light on my face and it looks great. It does not cover blemishes all that well, but when my face is clear, I love using this foundation. I also recently started using Bare Mineral's Correcting Concealer, which works really great.

5. NYX Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam: I LOVE Benefit's High Beam Highlighter and have been using that for years (and a bottle lasts forever!). However, recently I used up a bottle, so I thought I would try a cheaper option. I love NYX products, and saw they had this illuminator that looked pretty similar to High Beam, so I went for it. While it's not as great as High Beam (just not quite as "glow-y"), I am really liking this and I think it's a great comparison to High Beam for less than half the price. I would definitely buy this again!

6. NYX Wonder Pencil: Another great product from NYX Cosmetics! This is a great product to have as you can use it for multiple things. I use it to brighten my eyes by lining my bottom waterline, to highlight my brow, and even as a concealer.

7. Anastasia Brow Wiz in Caramel: This is definitely another must-have for me. I had always used drugstore brand eyebrow pencils, and this is one area I would say it's worth it to go for the high-end product. I'm really not that great at drawing in my eyebrows, but this product makes it so easy. Filling in my eyebrows is absolutely a must-do for me, since I'm blonde and without filling in my eyebrows, I basically don't have any. The pencil draws tiny lines so it looks super natural. This is a product that I will definitely continue to repurchase!

8. Maybelline Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette: This is one of my favorite new products! The colors are so pretty and it really is such a great deal for the price. I have a few high-end eyeshadow palettes that I love, but I have been finding myself reaching for this more and more!

9. L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Blake's Red: To me, Blake Lively is ultimate #beautygoals. So, when I was at Target the other day and saw L'Oreal had their very own Blake Lively red lipstick, I just had to purchase it. This is one of my favorite new products on this list! It's definitely my new favorite red, replacing this NYX one (which I still LOVE) as my fave. See my other favorite matte lipsticks here!

10. L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Fairest Nude & L'Oreal Color Riche Lip Liner in Au Naturale: When I want a Kylie Jenner lip, this is what I use!

11. Simple Nourishing 24-Hour Cream: I have used Simple products in the past and I really like the company. I believe this is a newer product, so when I was all out of my regular daytime moisturizer, I decided to give this a try. I really like it so far. A lot of moisturizers will make my face get super greasy as the day goes on, even without putting any makeup on, but this one doesn't—already a win!

Tell me!: What are your favorite must-have beauty products?

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