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January 4, 2016

Small Bathroom Makeover | {Kali}

January 4, 2016

(photo from previous owners)

Hi everyone! It's been awhile, but today I wanted to share with you guys our bathroom makeover that we recently completed. Our house actually has 3 bathrooms—two on the main floor (one is in our master bedroom) and one in the basement. We're not renovating anything in the basement, as it was already pretty updated when we moved in, but I knew I would eventually want to update both bathrooms on the main floor. We decided to start with the main floor guest bathroom.

(hi, Megan!)

I pretty much hated everything about this bathroom. The yellowy-beige color scheme was just not working for me. The espresso cabinet was actually newer and in really great shape, but it just wasn't my style so we removed that from the wall. I'm also not a fan of this type of outdated vanity lighting (which is in every single bathroom in our house—ugh), so it absolutely had to go!

I didn't have a very big budget, so I knew we wouldn't be able to do a complete renovation and tear everything out. As much as I would have loved to completely redo the shower with beautiful white subway tiles, it just wasn't going to happen, and I was okay with that because the shower in this bathroom has never even been used. Zac and I always use the shower in our master bathroom and guests use the shower in the basement bathroom since our guest bedroom is down there. We only use this one for Rex baths, so definitely not worth it to redo—we'll save to hopefully update the shower in our master bath someday! While we left the shower as-is, we did make many cosmetic changes (paint, new decor, etc.), and we also updated the flooring, sink, and toilet.

Here are some progress shots of the beautiful new white tile flooring we put in!:

Here's the completed after!:

In our house so far, I have been playing it pretty safe with wall colors—I'm almost always drawn toward keeping things super neutral on the wall (grays and whites), with adding pops of color in the accents. For the bathroom, I thought I'd deviate a little bit from that and add a color on the wall. I decided for my overall color scheme, I wanted to go with white and mint, with wood accents. I love the muted, minty color I picked for the walls—it works perfect in the small space. I incorporated the wood accent with the shelving above the toilet.

I had been searching for months for the perfect vintage mirror to include in the bathroom. I couldn't find anything online that was a reasonable price, even on Etsy, so I knew I was going to have to just keep checking antique stores. I finally found this beautiful mirror at a local vintage/antiques shop for only $40! I just love how it looks!

tile flooring // Home Depot
pedestal sink // Lowe's
vintage mirror // Modern Vintage Boutique (in Lincoln, NE)
sconce light // Lowe's
shower curtain // Target
bath rug & towel // Target
wall shelf set // Target
succulent wall art // Target (similar)
mini succulent // Target
vintage-inspired jar // Hobby Lobby
wire basket // Target

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