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October 19, 2015

Fall Bucket List Challenge | {Shelbie}

October 19, 2015

Hello everyone, sorry for my absence—I've been a little preoccupied with school! Since fall is well underway, and it's by far my favorite season, I wanted to create a fall bucket list. I intend to complete everything on my bucket list, and don't worry, I will keep you guys updated along the way (follow along on Instagram!)

• Go to a pumpkin patch
• Go on a picnic (before it gets too cold!)
• Tailgate for as many football games as I can
• Watch classic scary Halloween movies
• Drink mulled wine

• Go apple picking...
• ...And make apple crisp with those apples
• Go to a bonfire
• Have the most kick-ass Halloween costume (last year's might be hard to beat)

• Play in the leaves
• Make caramel apples
• Decorate my apartment for the season (I ♥ these ideas!)
• Carve & decorate pumpkins
• Roast those pumpkin seeds

• Make chili
• Buy a cute thermos (so many good finds on Etsy!)
• Get crafty with leaves and pinecones (how cool is this?!)
• Take a fall foliage drive
• Go haunted housing
• Binge eat Halloween candy
• Go to a harvest festival
• Make a Halloween playlist on Spotify

• Wear dark lipstick as much as I can—currently loving NYX soft matte lip creams
• Go on a nature walk
• Make a bucket list for winter!

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