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March 29, 2015

Filing Cabinet Makeover | {Megan}

March 29, 2015

A few weeks ago, I bought a couple of used filing cabinets in attempt to make a filing cabinet desk. I ended up with two filing cabinets with dimensions that weren't the same. It turns out it's really hard to find used filing cabinets that are exactly the same! I gave up and decided to sell them. Before I sold both of them, Kali told me she thought might need one for her office. I told her if she wanted it, I could redo it for her as it was in pretty rough shape and I started sending her some ideas. I knew how she was planning on decorating her new office, so we both decided the filing cabinet should be white and gold. Here are the steps I took to turn this ugly black filing cabinet into a chic white and gold beauty!

The first thing I did was gather all of my supplies. Here is the list:

Next, I followed these steps:
• Clean the filing cabinet with an all-purpose cleaner.
• Set the filing cabinet on two bricks—or anything else that would lift the cabinet off of the ground that you don't mind getting spray paint on.
• Take out the drawers and remove the handles.

• Put on a mask and begin spray-painting the cabinet and drawers white. Do as many coats as needed but make sure to allow the paint to completely dry before adding another coat.

• Spray-paint the handles with the gold spray paint. I find it best to prop the handles up using styrofoam.
• When the filing cabinet, drawers, and handles are completely dry, the handles and decorative brackets can be attached.

• Use a drill to drill the holes for the brackets.

• Add glue to the corner of the brackets and put the bracket in place.

• Secure the bracket with the screws that were included, put the drawers back into place, and you are done!

Stayed tuned for Kali's complete office makeover post in a few weeks to see how the filing cabinet looks with the rest of her office!

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