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March 27, 2015

Summer Concert Survival Guide | {Shelbie}

March 27, 2015

{Better Than Ezra – summer 2014}

With warmer weather approaching, we can all tell summer is near. What's associated with summer? It's simple. Summer equals boating, late night bike rides, picnics, smoky bonfires and everything in between. There's one thing in particular that I, along with a lot of people, look forward to the most—summer concerts and festivals.

{Blues Traveler, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, and Uncle Kracker in Omaha – summer 2014}

I've always been an avid concert-goer. Growing up, the group of friends I ran around with always tried to attend every concert possible. In my opinion, nothing compares to the atmosphere experienced at a live concert. I'm not lying when I say that I've been to quite the array of concerts. Tech n9ne, Childish Gambino, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Maroon 5, Jake Owen, Gregory Alan Isokav, Alice In Chains, 311, Blink 182 and Better Than Ezra are just a few. With that being said, my favorite type of concerts are outdoor festivals. I'm sure a lot of you have been to some sort of outdoor concert/festival. In my experience, there actually needs to be a lot of thought that goes into attending. From your attire to the vehicle you drive, every part of the concert journey must be considered.

I have some suggestions I would like to share with all you crazy music fanatics.

{Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers at Red Rocks – September 2014}

Your Getup:
The questions you need to ask yourself are:
• Is it an indoor or outdoor concert?
• Is it an all-day festival or just a two-hour show?
• What is the weather supposed to be like?
• Will I need a jacket just in case?
• Will I be standing or sitting?

If you are attending a longer concert you should definitely go for the comfort route. Nobody wants to hear you complain about how uncomfortable your shoes are! Outdoor concerts can be unpredictable when it comes to weather, believe me. My first suggestion would be to simply check the weather! If all appears to be clear, sunny skies, be my guest and wear that pair of high-waisted cut-offs you've been dying to rock. Another thing to consider when attending an outdoor concert is the location. Will you be groovin' to music on a dirt dance floor? My recommendation would be to wear something you aren't totally attached to. Things get dirty and if you're like me, you'll be in the midst of all the action, which means sharing sweat with tons of strangers. Lastly, remember there will always be that "die-hard" fan who can't control his booze.

{Dustin Lynch at the Iowa State Fair – summer 2014}

{Eli Young Band – winter 2013}

The questions you need to ask yourself:
• How far am I traveling for this concert?
• How many people do I have riding along?
• Will I have to drive on any gravel or dirt roads?
• Will I have to park in the grass?

Most people only think of gas mileage and the number of seats when they consider modes of transportation. When attending a concert, there is always the issue of parking to take into consideration. I once attended a concert where everyone was forced to park in the grass. With the last act on the stage, a thunderstorm rolled on in. Two girls driving a small two-wheel car out of the muddy grass field in the pouring rain isn't my fondest memory. With that being said, ALWAYS think about the weather and where you will be parking.

{Gregory Alan Isakov – January 2015}

Beverages: (Yes, beverages needs its own section!)
The questions you need to ask yourself:
• Am I allowed to take any beverages into the concert?
• What type of beverages will be provided at the concert?
• How much will the beverages cost?
• Do I plan on consuming alcohol at the concert?

When attending a concert at a venue or arena, normally people aren't able to take drinks in with them. That could also be said for some outdoor concerts too. There are also outdoor concerts that I've attended and they will allow you to bring coolers and chairs. My suggestion would be to take drinks in with you if at all possible—nobody has time for those overpriced drinks! If you're attending an all-day event, you definitely need to drink lots of water. Being dehydrated when your favorite artist is playing is no fun! Even you beer drinkers need to be consuming water. If you don't want to lug around cans or bottle of liquor, a nice alternative would be to buy shooters. They are small, accessible and make it easy to monitor how much liquor you've consumed.

{River Ruckus – summer 2014}

{Lady Gaga in Minneapolis – spring 2014}

Let's be honest, there's always that one thing you wish you would've brought along! Here is a list of miscellaneous things that are useful to bring with to an outdoor concert:
• Sunscreen
• Portable phone charger
• Sunglasses
• Dry shampoo
• Concealer
• Face oil blotter
• Ponytail
• Flask
• Camera

I hope everyone has a fun, concert-filled summer—I know I will! In fact, I get to kick my summer concert adventure off by attending the Chase Rice, Jake Owen and Kenny Chesney concert in May in Des Moines! You could say I'm a little excited.

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