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January 25, 2016

10 Fitness Inspirations to Follow on Instagram | {Shelbie}

January 25, 2016
If you're like me, you need some motivation when it comes to working out. I've always enjoyed working out and staying fit, but it has been a long journey to find a routine that works for my body. In the beginning it's easy, but sometimes we all get lazy. Maybe the confusing equipment or extremely ripped people at the gym intimidate you.

One thing that has helped me with my fitness routine is the community of kick-ass fit women on Instagram. Megan was actually the one who told me to follow these fitness gurus, and it completely changed my attitude about working out and going to the gym! From motivational photos to how-to videos, these women's Instagram pages will show you that working out doesn't have to be so bad after all!

Instagram: @toneitup & @KarenaKatrina
If you've never heard of the Tone It Up girls, you're missing out! Karena and Katrina are definitely two of my favorite inspirations. They're just two California girls who live and breathe beauty and wellness. My favorite thing about them is how they show you that working out can be fun. Oh, and they're both absolutely stunning and have amazing hair—goals!

Instagram: @gabrielapugliesi
This Brazilian beauty is the definition of a bad bitch (in a good way)! I'm actually pretty jealous of her life. Her natural beauty, rocking body, and adventurous lifestyle is definitely enviable. It's also not a bad thing that she shares her beautiful friends with everyone on Instagram too.

Instagram: @emilyskyefit
By changing the way she thinks about fitness, Emily Skye completely changed her life for the better—that's why she's so inspirational! She went from being stick-thin and cardio-obsessed to a jacked bombshell. Her happy-go-lucky attitude makes it easy to want to follow in her footsteps, and I suppose her amazing defined muscles help too.

Instagram: @maeve_madden
Maeve Madden is my newest inspiration. I found her on Instagram and fell in love with her beauty, fitness and fashion-infused life. She is an Irish model, but isn't stick thin, like most. On her Instagram page she shares fashion, food and fitness.

Instagram: @mariza_villarreal
Mariza Villerreal is an NPC (National Physique Committee) athlete who proudly embraces her beautiful curves. She's a mother of four, with the most recent little guy born in December. Not only is she an inspiration to people looking to live a healthy lifestyle, but she's also a great example for mothers, showing them that it is possible to care for your children, as well as yourself.

Instagram: @jenhewardfit & @hunnybunsfit
This spunky, quirky blonde definitely knows how to make working out look fun. I love following her on Instagram because she's so outgoing and fun, and it definitely shows through her page. She, like others on this list, went through a fitness journey of her own, and you could say she's come a long way. Her and her fiancé enjoy helping others stay motivated and fit at their gym in Auburn, California.

Instagram: @brittanyperilleee
Brittany Perille is a fitness figure with ripped abs and amazing (ass)ets! She is definitely one to follow if you're looking for workout ideas, or want new, innovative ways to use machines at the gym. Her Instagram page is primarily how-to videos of her at the gym, along with motivational body selfies.

Instagram: @sarah_bowmar
Sarah Bowmar is one of the first fitness inspirations I followed on Instagram. She and her husband, Josh, own their own fitness and coaching business, and even created their own supplement company. She's an intelligent and motivated lover of fitness, and her body surely shows it. She's down to earth, loves bow hunting and has two awesome rescue cats—basically she's pretty awesome.

Instagram: @buffbunny
Just like her BFF, Jen Heward, Heidi Somers is an outgoing blonde fitness guru. The bombshell model shares progress pictures, workout videos, and lots of ab shots on her Instagram. She also shares a ton of free workout videos on her Youtube page—she's definitely worth checking out!

Instagram: @michelle_lewin
Last but not least, we have Michelle Lewin. With around 7 million Instagram followers, the gorgeous Venezuelan must be doing something right. In my opinion, her body is the definition of goals! Not only is her body beautiful, but her attitude towards life is equally impressive. She's proof that by being committed, lifting weights and eating healthy, anyone can create a strong, but still feminine body.

Tell me! Who are your favorite fitness inspirations?

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