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July 9, 2015

Life Lately | {Kali}

July 9, 2015

^ Delicious margarita at Zocalo at the Plaza in Kansas City.

Hi friends! It's been awhile—but, it's summer and we all seem to get super busy in the summer with things going on almost every weekend. Let's back up a few weekends to Father's Day weekend. Megan and I headed to Walnut, IA on Saturday to help our mom with her Barnyard Boutique booth at the Walnut Antique Show. There were so many awesome vendors there—I wanted to buy everything! However, I was looking for something very specific. I need a mirror to go in our updated main-floor bathroom, and I'm looking for a vintage frameless oval mirror. I thought I'd for sure find something there, but no luck. I'm also not having much luck finding anything online either that's not crazy expensive. If anyone knows where I can find one, let me know—until then, my search continues.

Saturday night, we headed back to my parents house and found an adorable litter of kittens. This one was my favorite! If we didn't have Rex, I would have totally taken her home. Megan ended up taking home one of her brothers, who is equally as cute (and I'm sure you'll get to see him on the blog soon!).

On Father's Day, my dad, Megan, and I took a bike ride on the Shelby County bike trail (official name: Rock Island Old Stone Arch Nature Trail). We almost rode right past, but here is the arch! Pretty cool.

At the end of the bike path, we had brunch at The Corn Crib in Shelby and then Megan and I headed back home to Lincoln.

Two weekends ago some of my friends, my sisters, and I did a girls trip to Kansas City. Two years ago we went to Kansas City for a girls trip and it was so much fun. Last year was my bachelorette party in Chicago, so I thought we should keep the tradition going! Kansas City is the easiest place to meet up since some of us were coming from Lincoln/Omaha and some from Des Moines/Ames.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and first hit up the Plaza where we did a little shopping then had an early dinner/happy hour at Zocalo. Then we headed to our hotel. We stayed at the Marriott downtown which was just a few blocks away from Power and Light. We got all dressed up, pre-gamed in the hotel for awhile, and then headed out to our first night at Power and Light. We kept it a pretty early night, since we wanted to be able to get up early the next morning to head to the waterpark!

Our original plan was to spend one of the days at the Jones Pool—we did this two years ago and it was really fun. But, apparently they closed for reasons we could not figure out and we were pretty bummed about it. We ended up going to Schlitterbahn waterpark. It was nice because you can bring in your own food/drinks to Schlitterbahn so we didn't have to spend a bunch of money on that. We were all pretty pumped to ride the tallest water slide in the world, only to find out you couldn't just stand in line for this one—you had to get your name on a waiting list. When we got there around 10:30, the waiting list was already booked until 6pm, and we weren't going to stay that long, so we missed out. So a heads up if you ever plan on going there, make sure to get there early if you want to ride it! Major bummer for us.

The rest of the rides were fun, although the lines got pretty long as the day went on. They also had a swim-up bar and adults-only section, which we hung out at for part of the day.

A few of the girls headed home after the waterpark, but the rest of us stayed Saturday night for another night out to Power and Light. So, I've been to P&L a few times and have tried out most of the bars there. We definitely had the most fun Saturday night going to the PBR bar! They played a perfect mix of country and pop/rap songs, which was a nice change from the "are-we-at-a-wedding?" cringe-worthy songs the other bars were playing.

The weekend turned out to be a lot of fun and I'm really glad we went!

On Tuesday that next week, Megan and I headed to Omaha to see Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional! I was extremely excited for this concert—Third Eye Blind is one of my all-time favorite bands. I've seen them once before at Val Air in Des Moines, and I couldn't wait to see them again!

Dashboard Confessional was also one of my favorite bands in high school, so it definitely brought back some good memories hearing them play! Augustana was also with them, which I didn't even know about, so that was definitely a bonus! Everyone knows their song "Boston", but their song "Stars and Boulevards" was one of my favorites in high school. All in all, amazing concert! It started raining when Third Eye Blind started, which just brought up the energy even more. I'd love to see them in concert again!

Last Friday, Zac and I celebrated my birthday (which was on Sunday) by going to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Fireworks.

After dinner, we went and bought a bunch of fireworks, then we ended the night in our backyard watching our neighbor's fireworks and putting our new firepit to use!

On the 4th of July, we had a pretty low-key evening and invited a few friends over to grill out and watch fireworks in our driveway.

Some of our neighbors had some pretty impressive fireworks going! It was pretty cool to see some great fireworks right from our driveway—we definitely didn't ever experience that in Iowa!

On Sunday, we headed to Lake Panorama to spend a few days on the lake! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the best. Monday was our only full day there, as we were heading back to Lincoln on Tuesday, and it was just really gloomy and rainy all day. We still had a great time with my family though!

^ We celebrated my birthday on Sunday—Megan made me this delicious strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting!

^ It was Rex's first time for a lot of things! First roadtrip, first lake experience, first time out of Lincoln. We thought he might be a little afraid of the water, but after Zac jumped in the lake, Rex jumped in right after him! After that though, he wasn't too sure about it!

This weekend I finally get to relax and hang out at home. Zac bought me a massage for my birthday, so that will definitely be put to good use on Saturday! Have a great weekend!

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