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March 17, 2015

How to Host the Perfect Bridal Brunch | {Kali}

March 17, 2015

This past Saturday was Megan's bridal shower—and it was such a beautiful and exciting day. Along with my aunts Sherri and Amy, I helped host the gathering, so I thought it'd be fun to share some ideas/tips for hosting the perfect bridal shower!

We held the bridal shower at a historic Bed & Breakfast in our hometown of Harlan, IA. The house was beautiful and had so much charm—I especially loved the hardwood floors, vintage chandeliers, and the majestic woodworking in every room.

I think a B&B is one idea for a great place to host a bridal shower. Last year, for my bridal shower, my aunts hosted it at a Danish winery in Elk Horn, IA which was just as beautiful! Any place that already has a lot of charm to it will significantly cut down your costs on the decor you need/want to buy. We really didn't have to buy too much decor (mainly just for the tables) because the B&B already had plenty of beauty on its own!

I was specifically in charge of the invites! I had these done through Minted and thought they turned out great! I wanted to definitely incorporate some sort of floral theme—and Minted had plenty of options for me to choose from.

We ordered fresh flowers from Hy-Vee. Blue and green hydrangeas, white and pink roses, and baby's breath, all completed the floral centerpieces! Although not always budget-friendly, I believe fresh flowers are the best decor you could have for any event.

Sherri and my mom were really the great minds behind all of the decor we used at Megan's shower! We used vintage tablecloths for the tables and kept the centerpieces pretty simple. The flowers were a big part of creating the elegant atmosphere. The food was also served on our great grandmother's vintage dinner plates which added even more charm!

Food & Drinks
Again, I have to give credit to my aunt Sherri for the food ideas! Since it was a brunch, we decided to keep it light and easy and prepare three different foods for the menu: mini fruit pizzas, mini quiches, and cinnamon french toast. Of course, there was also some champagne cake!

Sherri was able to have Hy-Vee make the sugar cookies for the base of the fruit pizza. Instead of making the cream cheese frosting ourselves, Hy-Vee came through again, and made a big tube of cream cheese frosting that we easily used to spread onto the cookies. All we really had to do was assemble the mini fruit pizzas, so it was easy prep on the day of the shower. We added the cream cheese frosting to the sugar cookies, then added all the fruit toppings—strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi!

Next, we "made" mini quiches, which really just involved throwing them in oven—super easy and SO good. We bought a few boxes of Nancy's Petite Quiches from Sam's Club. There were two different flavors of quiches in each box—bacon & swiss and spinach & swiss. These were definitely a crowd-pleaser!

Sherri also made cinnamon french toast—she actually just bought a cinnamon bread log from Hy-Vee and prepped it the night before the shower. On the day of, we just kept it warm until we were ready to serve. We had maple and raspberry syrup with it. SO delicious! Here is an easy recipe to use to get a similar result.

Lastly, a bridal brunch is just simply not complete without mimosas! We had a mimosa bar with orange, pineapple, and cranberry juices. Everything turned out so delicious!

It really was an amazing day and I hope Megan felt all the love—we are all just so excited for her and Zeke! Enjoy some more pictures from the day below!

^ Getting everything ready before all the guests arrived!

^ Megan opening her gifts with our mom & Zeke's mom by her side.

^ The hostesses!

^ Everyone gathering in the great room to watch Megan open her presents.

^ Megan with two of her bridesmaids, Taysha & Jordan. | Shelbie & I!

My mom & I getting all set up before guests arrive. | Megan getting her delicious food!

Megan with some more of her friends—Courtney, Danielle, Jessica & Renee. | Shelbie & Megan!

^ All the girls in front of the B&B (yes, the sun was very bright, but we were lucky it was such a beautiful day out!).

^ Megan and our mom!


  1. Love those invites!! And, love your outfit - perfect as always :)

  2. Quite informative post on arranging a bridal lunch party. Few weeks ago, I arranged my niece’s bridal shower party at one of graceful New York wedding venues. Hired an expert caterer and he had served yummy food. Everyone liked food very much.


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